Porcelain Painters

"Decorative painting on china"

Create masterpieces that will last for decades


Thank you for visiting our site. Porcelain art, originally called “china painting”, is the art of applying overglaze paints on porcelain and china. The paint is applied in thin layers and then kiln fired between layers to fuse the paint to the surface of the china ware. Beardsley Porcelain Painters meet for painting and social activities in the Porcelain Art Studio at the Beardsley Recreation Center. We invite beginners as well as experienced painters to join us. To view the work of our members visit our studio at the Beardsley Recreation Center.

FYI—Porcelain Painting is a truly functional art form. Fired painted porcelain pieces can be place in the oven, dishwasher, and  microwave.  We create personalized family keepsakes for gifts , create one of a kind dinnerware items, vases, tiles, bowls, piggy banks, etc. If its porcelain it can be painted and fired. You are only limited by your imagination.  We also do sell our items at the Village Gift Store and the yearly Craft Fairs

Open to Club Members and their invited guests